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Aug, 2015

More flurry. Or more like an avalanche.

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This blog always takes a back seat to development and we have been flooded with new sites lately. It seems that we are mostly working on the WordPress platform because our clients are asking for content management and other features made more easily available in WordPress. But there is still a demand for very simple brochure-style sites designed in HTML. Among our newest sites are DesalTech 2015 — an International Conference in San Diego on Emerging Water Desalinization Technologies; Horacio Auto and Brake Service in Lake Forest, Orange County; another website […]



May, 2015

A flurry of new projects

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We have been buried knee deep lately but mostly updating and managing current sites. As much as we love to create brand new websites, it is our solid reputation for maintaining our clients’ current sites that keeps bringing new clients to us all the time. Service is an all-important commodity that many of our peers often neglect. So many of our clients have come to us because they needed changes to their sites and their web designer was nowhere to be found. We are proud that we never abandon our […]



Aug, 2014

Beneath the earth’s surface

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We recently launch a brand new website for the International Society for Subsurface Microbiology. The society is for scientists who study this  expanding field that focuses on microbial life below the surface of the earth. Membership in the society gives them the opportunity to network and interact with their peers as well as stay up to date about symposiums, conferences, and other events. The website was designed in partnership with Ron Harvey, U.S. Geological Survey, a former president of the ISSM. He expressed an early desire to manage the site’s contest himself so […]



May, 2014

To scroll or to click

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One important characteristic of user experience is scrolling. There was a time when design was about putting all vital content above the fold and when you ran out of room there, create a new page. That forced the user into click click clicking from one page to the next to find all the relevant content. But now with HD high resolution monitors on one hand and mobile devices on the other, the fold — that carryover from newspapers — has less and less meaning. And it turns out that more and […]



Apr, 2014

We love this website

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We love this site for Branch, an independent London design consultancy. Its magazine-style home page draws you in and leads you to the most important parts of the site, including featured projects. It is very simple and very effective. The Work portfolio features some stunning project photos along with relevant information. And all pages are clean and white, admirably displaying just enough graphics to balance the text. It all fits together in a very attractive and compelling design that avoids the extranea of so many design studios these days. We haven’t even officially launched our […]